Body Cleanse



2 part detox system

Multi Cleanse - 63 capsules

Multi Fibre - 90 capsules

Body cleanse may be taken as a rapid 7 day detox or a more gentle detox over one month depending on your lifestyle and condition.

Detoxing the liver and bowel regularly not only provides the equivalent of a 'spring clean' it also supports the liver so that it can perform its important filtering role more efficiently. Good Health Body Cleanse includes Multi Cleanse which contains the liver tonic herbs milk thistle, dandelion root, yellow dock and turmeric along with red clover and burdock to support blood cleansing and bowel function and other key nutrients to support liver detoxification. Also included is the comprehensive Multi Fibre to help soothe and regulate the bowel to support healthy bowel functioning, an essential part of any detox.

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