Holistic Nutrition

Kate Callaghan


A food, fitness and lifestyle approach that makes sense for women from the dietry advisor to Sarah Wilson's 'I Quit Sugar' program! Find out why too much exercise, under-eating and low-carb diets do not work for women ...and what to do instead.

"This is THE book to help you absolutely rock your hormone balance for optimal health, happiness and hotness (in all senses of the word). I give you simple strategies around food, movement, stress management and self-love so you can achieve your goals, be confident and comfortable in yourself, and go through each day bursting at the seams with energy and joy!" Kate Callaghan

Kate is an Australian holistic nutritionist and personal trainer with over fifteen years experience in the health and fitness industry. Having experienced hormonal chaos herself, Kate is passionate about helping other women find health and happiness, the natural way. Kate is the author of the popular blog 'The Holistic Nutritionist' and currently lives in Wanaka, New Zealand with her husband and daughter.

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