Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki



Lusatori is a single estate olive grove located in the midst of the Marlborough wine growing region of New Zealand.


2014 Gold winner at the New Zealand Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards.

Aromas of fresh asparagus, fresh green beans, parsley, dried figs. Tastes of raw artichoke heart, dry herbs, oregano. Dry chilli heat mixed with cress heat coming forward on the palate and tingling. Good length. Balanced, complex and harmonious. Excellent example of a cold climate oil. For use with all stronger tasting cuisine.

The same conditions that produce the famed Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir produce outstanding Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with intense flavours and aromas.

The grove is committed to following organic practices and is fully BioGro Certified (#5230). Our oil is certified Extra Virgin through Olives New Zealand's chemical and organoleptic panel testing and displays the Olive Mark label.

Initially our olives were hand harvested and pressed on a small Enorossi traditional mat press. As trees matured and yields increased we have moved to mechanical means: Pellenc Olivium for some trees and a tree shaker for others and pressed using a Pieralisi decanter. This allows a quicker harvest and ensures all olives are pressed well within 24 hours from harvest.


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