Retro Organics Jersey Cow Whole Milk

Retro Organics


Retro Organics are handcrafters of a unique range of boutique dairy products with a vision to replicate the 'good old days-style’ of natural food. All Retro Organics products are made on the Tuturau Family Farm in Southland and include chemical-free cheeses, yoghurts and milk, as well as their innovative lactose-free yoghurt and milk range. Products are available at various stockists throughout New Zealand.

Retro Organics use their own Jersey cows, creating products that are naturally creamier in taste, with all processing and packaging done on the farm by hand, with care.

Retro Organics is a family-run business that takes pride in delivering quality, flavoursome dairy products that are ‘honest to nature’s goodness’.

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